welcome to gna educational center

Mr. Bruza

 Welcome to the GNA Educational Center
Grades 6, 7 and 8
Mr. Ronald Bruza - Principal

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           Safe To Say Something       Bully Free Zone

3rd Quarter Honor Roll is now online!

Please be sure to sign into your
Virtual Homeroom on Google Classroom daily!


 Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program

CLEAR BACKPACKS are required at the GNA Educational Center
Please read our clear backpack faq sheet.

What's Going on!

Educational Center Pictures
Week of May 17th thru May 21st
Specific grade levels TBA

How to access GNA Student Email:

Go to: www.gnasd.com

  • Click on: Departments at the top of the screen
  • Click on: Technology
  • Click on: GNA Email
  • Enter:    Username
  • Enter:    Password

Below is a link called "Aunt Bertha" It is an online tool to help people meet critical needs such as food, housing and transportation as well as finding nearby community benefit organizations to help during this COVID -19 pandemic.
Click link here!